The legend lives on...

Although the late great Steve McQueen has been gone for over 20 years, his legend still lives on. For many years, I have been compared to Steve McQueen. So much that people even now call me Steve. I have been very fortunate in participating in the recreation of his legendary past. Just as he did, I act and portray a character. Steve McQueen – Hero, Idol, Legend. I want to help his name live on.

You know where to find me:

Mark Myers – Steve McQueen Look-alike



"I Was amazed by his likeness to the McQueen of '67-'70" -


Sample Clients:


Entertainment Tonight

Ford Mustang Commercial

Sony Play Station Commercial

and more!

Steve McQueen

In the windmills of your mind,
Gliding high and free.
A lifelong bounty hunter,
Without a destiny.

On the Hills of San Francisco
He made the mustang wild.
And on his motorcycle
Was a rebel with a smile.

Devil’s island couldn’t hold him
Or the cooler cramp his style.
When doors were closed behind him
They opened every time.

He was a towering inferno
And the Cincinnati Kid.
A legend and a hero,
The greatest star whoever lived.

Words by Mark Myers


Sharing the Spirit of Steve McQueen

In this Epic share with me
This is where I love to be
With my wheels beneath my feet
You will never leave your seat.

Triumph stay ahead with me
Time to set my spirit free
Take me round another bend
TR6 you are my friend

This is joy, my peace of mind.
Leaving all the world behind
Life a scam, a race within
Hell to lose, my soul to win.

With a Trophy in my grasp.
I will win this race at last
Freedom mine, the choice I take
All my life The Great Escape

Words by Mark Myers

Background: In the epic movie The Great Escape, Steve McQueen rode a triumph 650 TR6 Trophy making movie history.


Racing on the wheels of time.
Rolling with a spirit free.
In these open fields devine.
This return to spring I see.
Wild, a legend man and friend
Spirits shared in history
Magic waiting round each bend
Just the way it's meant to be.

Words by Mark Myers